Musing Hot Buttered Surfboard Design

Musing Hot Buttered Surfboard Design


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hawaii | Wing Pin Single Fin

A new quiver of Hot Buttered 'Wing Pin' Single Fins. How jealous are you?

To be able to ride Terry’s Wing Pin Single Fins in bigger waves is enough of a buzz, let alone surfing the boards for the first time in Hawaii. The lines I was drawing were a bit different to what was generally going on over their, but, that's how these boards surf. At the end of the day the game was pretty much the same, get your waves and surf them as hard as you possibly can. In a way, that’s Hawaii. So, as much as I wanted to focus on style and the single fin glide, the overwhelming temptation is to light it up , or bust down the door in your own way , so to speak,.

You easily get a sense of the competitive drive as far as surfboard design and surfing goes in Hawaii , and it obviously stems from the aggressive burst in the water over the 70’s. Surfing history is overflowing round this rock, on the beach, in the water , in shaping bay’s, glass shops and surf shops. And, under houses, just like the old HB we found stored under Jensen’s house.

My 6'8" Clouds 'Wing Pin' was probably my favorite board from the trip. I was a little nervous at first regarding how the single fins would perform at the high profile spots like Pipe and Sunset. But each of the boards held there own as expected, and were eerily suited to the waves i surfed. No doubt this stems from years of design and development on Terry's part during his long stay's on the North Shore and Kauai.

Anyway , put aside the competitive surfing environment, Starbucks and hobnobs, and your basically left with the greatest surf destination in the world. I don’t know if it is reflected in the photo’s, but I had one of the best times during this last trip to Hawaii. Good waves, crowds fairly mellow, and hanging out with really cool folks. A great environment to surf some classic boards shaped by my old man.
So , special thanks to Kieron Lilliane Kawani and Yasmin, Sean Davey, Jensen Hassett, Bunter, Chris Hagan and Alia and Rena

Waxing up my 7'6 Wing Pin, Sunset Beach.

6'10 Clouds Wing Pin, Pipe

The old Hot Buttered relic stored at Jensen's place

Special thanks to Sean Davey for letting me use his photo's. Legend photog, couldn't ask for a better bloke to hang out with on the islands. Check out his bag at


Dave said...

Kye yes very very jealous, you must be keeping TF busy making boards. Luv your work be happy if I could make my TF's go like you guys can.

hope alls good and see you sometime somewhere in the surf I hope.

cheers Dave and Jane Wills

dyana said...

Good post.....

thanks for sharin with us......


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