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Musing Hot Buttered Surfboard Design


Monday, March 9, 2009

Re-Born | Classic Drifta

What do you do when you snap your favorite board. Try n get it copied right? So there you have it, the eldest son of TF constantly nagging him back into the shaping bay, to re-produce the specials. That’s pretty much how the story goes, and, a little way's down the track Terry is having trouble keeping up with the orders for his boards.

Yeah , my old mans ‘Drifta’ design was a part of an important design era, (79 to 83) surfboard, and, yes it was brushed under the all conquering Tri Fin, i liken the historical analogy with a Pink Floyd Progressive Epic being brushed aside by a Devo New Wave track.

But, to continue they story, if we were going to re-produce the boards, they deserved to be taken seriously. I think this is one of the reasons Terry had a renewed enthusiasm for shaping his boards . He knew he wasn't going to be shaping them for someone who was just going to ride them on the off day, or because it was the fashion. He could tell i had a tripped eye for the classic wings n concave's and he knew i had the style to surf them properly, because i had ridden the boards before. I grew up surfing them. A deserved recipient so to speak. The fact that i was his son came a distant second. TF is always telling me to get in line. That's his way of saying he wasn't going to shape my boards until the wind moon and tides line up. And that is fine with me, as there is a lot to be said for alignment.

So as soon as i had my new 'Drifta', it was straight off to Rocky Point to surf some Hawaiian juice..

Stoked. New board and chilling in Hawaii.
Photo :

Photo :

I yanked this bottom turn way to hard, but still got a little reo out of it in the end.
Photo's: Chris Hagan


Matt said...

hey Kye. Cool to shoot the breeze the other day at the Basin while you were carving it up with your little man. Defintitely keen to try a Drifta. Loved the story about it and the other posts.Matt

kye fitzgerald said...

Hey Matt

My Drifta is being surfed by a buddy of mine at the moment. I will round it up, so you can give it a go, and get the good old Drifta feel.
I should have the board at the Mona shop over the weekend, hopefully.

p.s. The Basin Rocks, River and i love it.

Matt said...

Hey thanks Kye. Will drop by the shop for sure.

dyana said...

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