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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Terry Fitzgerald Contest Results

During the 70's Terry was seen as the most devoted Australian Surfer / Shaper, in regards to refining his boards to suit the Hawaiian juice. The Wing Pin Single Fin, was the one design of many, that transferred easily between Hawaii and the vast Australian coastline. The versatility of the Wing Pin therefor resulted in many successful competitive campaigns on a professional level for Terry, in both Australia and Hawaii.

1972 Bells Beach Contest
1st Terry Fitzgerald
2nd Peter Drouyn

1973 Hang Ten , Hawaii
1st Jeff Hackman
2nd Ian Cairns
3rd Michael Peterson
4th Paul Neilson
5th Terry Fitzgerald

1974 Lightning Bolt Contest, Hawaii
1st Terry Fitzgerald

1975 Austalian Titles, Victor Harbour South Australia
1st Terry Fitzgerald

1976 World Cup Contest, Hawaii
1st Mark Richards
2nd Terry Fitzgerald

Terry Fitz doing his thing at 'Sunset'
Photo: Jeff Divine

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gianfranco said...

Terry inspired me throughout my youth surfing life, to see Terry in the flesh and bones in Rio de Janeiro "harpoon beach", I was surprised to see him riding so well, it was great to see the character of magazines to be there, alive and real, congratulations for you and family